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Yacht supplier

we prepare Lobsters

& spiny lobsters for chefs

2 Chefs working for yacht chefs

We deliver yachts from Monaco to St Tropez

Tell us the way you would like your Lobster prepared


Live Lobsters or Spiny lobsters

from the tank ready to prepare

With the shell

Flash cooked, cleaned head for barbecue

pre-cut in 2


Raw, medium cooked or fully cooked

Lobster Bisque & Lobster Stock

Lobster stock 5 time reduced,

bones crushed

Single pack or multi pack

Just plain or with butter

HACCP Laboratory

100 lobsters per day


Single or multi packed

Chilled or frozen as the chef wants

10 Days BBD chilled

6 months Best by date Frozen



Main course


Time saving for the chef

Less waste in the Galley

We deliver yachts from Monaco to St Tropez